Why your online Casino Dealer Course?
  We've trained and placed literally hundreds of Casino Dealers in some of the biggest and most famous casinos in the world via our brick and mortar schools, and we're just as commited to creating professional, highly skilled Poker and Blackjack Dealers through our online training program.
There are a lot of online courses out there, what makes yours so special?
  Our online course speaks for itself. It is based off of our wildly successful chain of Casino Schools which are located across the country. We have been operating Dealer Schools for years. Our course features cutting edge interactive technology, hours of course video, the best student support services via phone, email, chat and forums and much more!. There is not a better online casino dealer course out there, GUARANTEED!
What is included with the online course?
  Our online course will teach you everything you need to become a professional Poker and Blackjack Dealer. The course includes step by step course text with accompanying video clips, as well as a casino dealer forum, live chat, the ability to upload your own practice video for instructor critique and the most interactice Casino Dealer Training Software - DealerSim (optional).
What's the difference between your online and "hands on" training programs?
  The only difference between our online school and "hands on" school curriculum is that the online school does not take place in a physical location, which means that you won't have easy, structured access to hands on practice. It's the same exact course material. However, by purchasing one of our great, affordable practice kits you can easily practice at home and increase your skill even more!
Do I really need "certification" to Deal Cards?
  No, no state in the U.S. requires a Casino Dealer certificate to work as a Casino Dealer. However, this course will give you the knowledge you need to be a competent Casino Dealer. It will also give you an edge when competing for jobs against applicants that do not have such training.
Why is the online course so inexpensive compared to going to a "hands on" bartending school?
  For obvious reasons such as decreased overhead from not having to lease expensive buildings, and the simple fact that delivering a course via the internet is much more efficient.
How long does the course take?
  The course is based off of the exact same course materials that our "hands on" schools use, which is designed to take between 60 and 120 (for each course) hours to complete. You can complete the online course in more or less time than that, it's entirely up to you. Your skill level will increase the more hands on practice you get.
Do you offer job placement assistance for the online course.
  If we have done our job training you, and you follow our course materials then you can easily obtain a job on your own. However we do offer professional job placement assistance through our "hands on" schools if you'd prefer to attend one of those. We offer a 100% credit of the online course purchase price if you decide to attend one of our brick and mortar schools at a later date.
Do you have a money back guarantee?
  Yes, if you are not completely satisfied you may request a refund within 7 days of enrollment. * Note: Refund amount will only cover the course tuition not any additional products purchased. If you have completed the course and requested a certificate no refund will be given.